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NGT2 helps businesses navigate their digital transformation goals with expert development of 3D, Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality applications for training, field service, manufacturing and marketing.

3D applications developed with purpose.

All of NGT2's 3D applications were built to help our customers improve efficiency for training, field service, marketing or manufacturing.

3D Interactive Technical Manuals (ITMs)

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3D Interactive Product Demonstrators (IPDs)

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Interactive Part Ordering

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Virtual Reality Operations Training

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Augmented Reality

Interactive Animation

Virtual Reality

The First LMS for 3D Training

NGT2’s 3D Learning Management System (3D LMS) is the first built specifically for tracking and measuring employee performance on interactive 3D training. It operates over the cloud, extending the reach of 3D training anywhere with an internet connection.

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Deliver value across the organization

Reinvent Training

Training has traditionally consisted of costly, yet necessary live sessions that take employees out of field require an organization to incur significant operational expenses. Interactive 3D Technology allows for remote training that decreases costs while increasing retention.

Decrease training costs

Increase training retention

Combat the skills gap

Reinvent Field Service

Achieving field service efficiency relies on making technical information easily accessible and easily understood. Interactive 3D Technology opens the door to ensuring field engineers can get the right instruction when and where they need it.

Increase First Time Fix Rate

Decrease Mean Time to Repair

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Reinvent Manufacturing

With up to 66% of unplanned downtime attributable to human error, arming workers on the floor with the right mix of visual technology increases productivity, and more importantly, improves safety.

Decrease downtime from human error

Reduce safety incidents

Increase productivity

Reinvent Marketing

On the surface, augmented reality and virtual reality applications for marketing are a quick method to attract customer attention. In actuality, they revolutionize the way customers digest your brands value proposition by increasing user engagement with interactivity.

Increase user engagement

Increase brand awareness

Improve customer experience

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