Converting the technical tools into marketing and sales tools.

Interactive Product Demonstrators (IPDs) Enable
your marketing and sales teams to demonstrate how
equipment and systems operate, and to highlight
features and benefits using their phones, tablets, or on
big screens at trade shows.

Promote your Product

Product Features

Point out Important Product Features

Use Points of Interest to highlight features or aspects of your product that users should pay attention to.

Include Videos and Brochures

Incorporate external or embedded videos and brochures. This can be useful to share additional information to the user.

Share Information

Add interactive links so customers can learn more about your company and your product. Customers like to know everything they can, so provide it to them!

Enhance with Sound

Enhance the user experience by adding a background soundtrack to enjoy as they explore your product. Audio effects are added to key interactions to make the interaction more enjoyable and provide feedback.

Cost Effective

Create all this in a cost-effective way since much of the assets and work is already done to create ITMs can be leveraged to create the IPD.

Display on any device.

Deploy to Any Device Graphic

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