Train as a team in Virtual Reality

The NGT2 VR Facility Training Application was built to provide teams with a collaborative simulation tool for learning and reviewing operations and safety procedures in the most realistic way possible.

VR technology allows teams to move and perform procedures together as if they were actually on the plant or facility floor.

Virtual Reality Operations Training Graphic

A Collaborative Simulation Tool

Product Features

Collaborative Remote Training

Connect to a joint training exercise remotely through a network. Communicate with team members and work together to complete tasks.

Measure Results

Compare team performances with highly customizable statistics and reports. Gain valuable insight in to where to focus live instructor time.

Instructor Interaction

The simulation allows an instructor to join a session and alter the scene in real time to create real life scenarios.

Prepare for Any Situation

Operations Training

Train personnel to perform various duties within the plant before they go hands on.  Personnel can run through simulated procedures within the plant so they understand everything that is going on in conjunction with their tasks.

Virtual Reality Operations Training Graphic
Virtual Reality Safety Graphic

Safety Training

Create safety scenarios within the facility. An instructor may join a training session and alter safety situations on the go, making training feel closer to the experience of a live event.

Assembly Line Training

It can take weeks or months from the point of hiring someone until they have necessary knowledge to become operational. The VR training app allows new hires to quickly get up to speed on their new work environment and start learning procedures immediately.

Virtual Reality Assembly Line Graphic

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