The process

When it comes to AR/VR development, there is no one size fits all solution. Every project has a unique set of factors to consider when selecting the optimal hardware, software and deployment stack to meet a customer’s need and budget.

Our team of experts specializes in listening to customers requirements, identifying a variety of solutions and collaboratively deciding on the best fit to produce the intended result.


Whether you have a well defined requirement or a general set of guidelines, our team will ask the right questions needed to learn how to make your project a success.

Technology Identification

With capabilities covering the full range of AR/VR hardware on the market, we can meet specific needs or propose a variety of options based on your scenario.


While all development projects have scheduled milestone reviews, we encourage contact throughout to ensure the end product meets or exceeds expectations.


NGT2 collaborates with internal teams well ahead of delivery to ensure seamless deployment hosted on  the cloud or on-premise.

Talk to us

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