TheĀ 21st Century Technical Manual

Interactive Technical Manuals (ITMs) revolutionize the function of a technical manual by introducing the pillars of Interactive 3D Technology: 3D models, animation, and interactivity.

Once an archaic afterthought of text, pictures, and diagrams, your manuals now become the backbone of effective equipment training and field service efficiency.

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More than Just a Technical Manual

Product Features

Part Locator

A 360-degree view of equipment. Click on parts to display critical information such as part numbers, maintenance tips, and safety notifications.

Animated Instruction

Step-by-step animations of procedures. Manipulate the viewing angle to ensure full understanding of procedure in the classroom or in the field.

Interactive Training

Perform the procedure by clicking on parts in the correct order (just like a video game). Practice the procedures first, then perform them from memory.

Achieve measurable results with ITMs and the 3D LMS.

Discover Untapped Value from Technical Manuals

For Service & Support

ITMs improve service and support processes with improved visual instruction that reduces the guesswork of frustration of a traditional manual.

  • Reduce Mean Time to Repair
  • Increase First Time Fix Rate
  • Achieve Better Product Reliability
  • Decrease Response Time
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction
Interactive technical manual for remote support

Supported on any device.

Deploy to Any Device Graphic
Interactive Technical Manual for Remote Support

For Technical Training

ITMs present an opportunity to conduct effective remote training that is measurable and accessible anytime, anywhere.

  • Reduce Operational Training Costs
  • Combat the Generational Skills Gap
  • Improve Competency in Emerging Markets
  • Improve Procedure Retention
  • Reduce Live Training Time

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