The First LMS Built for 3D Learning

The 3D Learning Management System (3D LMS) is the first LMS built for storing, launching, and reporting on Interactive 3D Learning Applications such as Interactive Technical Manuals (ITMs).

The LMS allows you to store 3D content, assign tasks to employees, and generate reports on employee competency.

3D LMS Laptop

The Next Generation of Learning

Product Features

Manage 3D Apps

Store and manage 3D learning such as ITMs or VR/AR training applications.

Assign Courses

Assign courses, view progress reports, and receive notification of course completion.

Measure Results

Gain visibility to workforce competency and make training decisions based on insight.

3D LMS + Interactive Technical Manuals (ITMs)

The answer to 3D training you've been looking for.

Combat the Skills Gap

Provide high tech training that the future generation of your organization has learned to thrive upon.

Reduce Training Costs

Reduce necessity of live training with realistic and measurable simulation based training.

Track Competency

Training analytics can be used to analyze skillsets or uncover trends that help make business decisions.

Break the Language Barrier

While our products can be translated to any language, 3D visual instruction is easily understood by all.

Empower Growth

Employees with access to a 3D training library can grow their skill set and increase task ability.

Standardize Global Training

Ensure that all employees are assigned training to acknowledge their understanding of SOPs.

Reinvent Remote Training

Deploying 3D Interactive Technical Manuals (ITMs) via the 3D LMS enables organizations to deliver powerful training content around the globe that produces a hands on experience without the operational cost of live training.

Now you can deploy simulation based training to anywhere with an internet connection and collect data on regional skill levels.

Maximize Live Training

Up to 2/3 of live training time is spent on familiarization of equipment and basic maintenance. Implementing ITM training prior to classroom training means course length can be reduced or more time can be spent on productivity boosting exercises such as troubleshooting.

The benefits will be seen throughout the service chain as engineers become more equipped to diagnose and fix equipment.

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