Interactive Technical Manuals (ITMs) revolutionize the function of a technical manual by introducing the pillars of Interactive 3D Technology: 3D models, animation, and interactivity.

Once an archaic afterthought of text, pictures, and diagrams, your manuals now become the backbone of effective equipment training and field service efficiency.

ITM Controls Tutorial

Centrifugal Pump ITM

This ITM was built to help technicians learn how to disassemble and assemble a centrifugal pump and learn more about the parts and components, including their location.

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Shock Absorber ITM

The shock absorber ITM was built to help technicians learn more about maintaining the shock absorber system. It also helps as a visual aid to show their location and purpose.

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Interactive Product Demonstrators (IPDs) are a new and creative way to showcase your product to potential customers. Showcase features, customization options, and more to potential customers while giving other useful information to them.

IPD Controls Tutorial

Shock Absorber IPD

The shock absorber IPD was built to showcase the benefits of the shock absorber system to potential customers.

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