Evolve Your Service Team with 3D Technology

In order to achieve service excellence, it’s necessary to arm your workforce with the right mix of productivity tools so they can complete site visits quickly and effectively. NGT2’s Integrated Service Solution of ITMs and Interactive Part Ordering deployed through the Service Library delivers a new layer of resources to help support agents and field engineers provide the best customer experience possible.

Reinvent Remote Support

ITMs deployed via the Service Library modernize remote assist sessions for increased productivity. With a simple screen share remote engineers can point to parts, display animations of procedures and help resolve an issue as if they were there themselves.

  • Reduce unnecessary site visits
  • Diagnose issues before engineer arrives
  • Increase ability of less skilled engineers
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Achieve Measurable Results

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First Time Fix Rate

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Mean Time to Repair

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Customer Satisfaction

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Reinvent Field Service

While mobility solutions for dispatching have taken off, a large gap remains in the tools provided to service engineers once they get to a customer site.

They rely on difficult to interpret paper manuals that are hundreds of pages which can often lead them to just wing it. In addition, parts catalogues are difficult to navigate and costly mistakes are made in the ordering process.

With NGT2’s integrated service offering, field engineers have instant access to a searchable catalogue of animated instruction and if they need to order a part, the Part Ordering app makes this process a breeze.