Building 3D assets such as Interactive Technical Manuals (ITMs) and VR facility training applications requires access to our customers’ intellectual property for use as reference material. This information is highly confidential and must be handled with care in order to ensure it is not misused.

While signing an NDA is great first step towards building IP security confidence, NGT2 has gone much further and implemented a military grade cloud file sharing system called Druva.


  • End to end encryption when sending and receiving files
  • Generate an audit trail showing when and where a file is in use
  • Customers can log in and delete a file at any time

NGT2 proudly meets the strictest levels of file security as required by customers in the defense industry and brings that experience to the commercial sector as well.

ITM Cloud Delivery Security

NGT2 has chosen the most trusted name in cloud deployment so that our customers can securely deploy our 3D applications at scale.

Our cloud service provider complies with the following certifications: SOC1, SOC2, SOC3, ISAE-3402, PCI-DSS Level 1 and ISO 27001.

In simple terms, our cloud deployments contain little risk because your source code never leaves the secure data center. When deploying an application through the LMS, the information is virtualized in the browser such that no data is downloaded to the client computer viewing it.

Only encrypted pixels are streamed to end users and applications run on a dedicated streaming instance so resources are not shared from computer to computer.