What is Blended Learning?

Blended learning is a teaching method  that combines in-person instructions with online resources to create a more effective learning experience.  With blended learning, students can, in part, control the time, pace, and place of their learning and can come to class with a basic knowledge of the material.

The traditional method of education involves instructors teaching material to students in-person exclusively, which causes inefficiencies in the classroom because every student is expected to learn and progress at the same pace as their peers.

ITMs as an Online Training Resource

3D-Interactive Technical Manuals (3D-ITMs) is a tool that can be integrated into blended learning as an online resource to facilitate effective learning.  With ITMs, students can enter the classroom with a familiarization on equipment and procedures.

Currently up to 2/3 of live training time is spent on familiarization of equipment and basic maintenance. Implementing ITM training prior to the classroom means course length can be reduced or more time can be spent on productivity boosting activities such as troubleshooting.

As a global company that differentiates based on high quality service, it is critical to monitor the skill levels of service engineers that reflect on your brand.

This is especially important in emerging markets that lack training resources yet present massive growth potential. With blended learning, instructors can routinely see employees development throughout training and allow students to work on course material own their own time.

Teaching methods are constantly adapting to the skill level and intelligence of the students in the classroom, and blended learning is a modern approach that resonates with the baby boomer generation.  

Face to face learning is and always will be invaluable, but the adoption of online resources, like ITMs, allow students to have a better understanding and knowledge of procedures prior to entering the course and allow instructors to frequently examine the progress and skill level of their students.