The 21st Century Technical Manual

The industry standard for training and field reference related to assembly, maintenance and safety on complex machinery have been outdated teaching tools like PowerPoint and PDF manuals.  

3D-Interactive Technical Manuals (3D-ITMs) are revolutionizing the way businesses manufacture products and train employees by using 3D simulations to demonstrate features, operations, and maintenance equipment using realistic 3D models, interactivity, and motion.  

Benefits Across Industries

Oil & Gas

The Oil & Gas world faces challenges that are unique to the industry.  With several different entities often working on the same rig under harsh conditions, mistakes are costly and potentially dangerous.  

ITMs ensure that everyone on the rig has completed maintenance training on equipment and provides them with an easy to follow reference guide that reduces mistakes and maintains uptime.


ITMs have an essential role in the manufacturing industry as well.  Whether your company is producing automotive parts, packaging cereal, pulping wood to produce paper, or manufacturing hazardous chemicals – plant uptime and safety are paramount.  

ITMs ensure that workers are properly trained in maintenance and changeover procedures to keep the plant running while workers remain safe.

Medical Device

When medical equipment isn’t working, healthcare professionals lose money.  Due to the complexity of medical equipment and widely dispersed teams of field technicians, ITMs allow medical device manufacturers to increase the speed to competency for field techs to become qualified in more procedures.  

Along with increased remote support capability, ITMs enable field techs to keep their customers’ equipment running and maintain high customer satisfaction.

ITMs: An Essential to Customer Satisfaction

Providing customers the best possible experience involves delivering reliable equipment that keeps their plants running optimally to meet production quotas and optimize resources.  

Whether maintenance is planned or unplanned, ITMs help shorten the time to repair, allowing the customer to keep doing what they do best – producing.